The “Writing for Nonprofits” Coaching Program

The next session will take place in fall 2011.
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Ready to write for the good guys and include more nonprofits in your freelance writing clientele? The Freelance Writing for Nonprofits Coaching Program is for you!

The Freelance Writing for Nonprofits Coaching Program is a three-week intensive online training program full of practical, real-world advice that will help you better understand the nonprofit sector, what nonprofits need from freelance writers, how to find nonprofit clients, and how to build your freelancing business around serving them.  The program is limited to just 15 freelancers/consultants per session. Please note this is not for nonprofit organization staff writers.

The course is taught by Kivi Leroux Miller and several guest experts, all of whom are making a nice living serving the nonprofit community. We all love to write, and we all love writing for good causes we believe in! Ready to join us?

Kivi Leroux Miller
Nonprofit Marketing
Lexington, NC

Betsy Baker
Your Grant Authority
Atlanta, GA

Kerri Karvetski
Company K Media
Rhinebeck, NY

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter
Rochester, NY

Elizabeth Turnbull
Turnbull Marketing Group
Durham, NC

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What’s Included

  • Live training (a webinar or conference call) once a week on Monday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern with Kivi Leroux Miller and guest experts. Each training will be recorded, in case you can’t make the scheduled time.
  • Resource materials to read, listen to, and watch. You’ll find new content for each business day of the course. Consume it at your own pace.
  • Challenges each week that will help you build and improve your business – no busywork here!
  • Personal feedback and a one-on-one coaching session at the end of the course with Kivi Leroux Miller to review your next steps.
  • Networking with other course participants and trainers. Freelancing can be a lonely world, and you’ll be much happier with friends in the business!
  • Your name and website listed on Writing for under “Freelancers Who Get Nonprofits” upon successful completion of the course.
  • Bonus training: Attend one webinar at at no charge, to further hone your skills.


The Program is Perfect for You If . . .

  • You consider freelancing a serious career.
  • You love to write, and want to write for good causes you truly care about.
  • You are transitioning from serving corporate or publishing clients.
  • You are transitioning into freelancing from related fields like PR, journalism, or publishing.
  • You already write well—this is not a writing course per se, although it does discuss how to write certain types of content that nonprofits need.

Please Don’t Register for This Program If  . . .

  • You think of freelancing as a hobby.
  • You are afraid to charge real money for your work (if you gladly accept jobs that pay pennies per word or you can’t imagine charging more than $50/hour, this program isn’t for you).
  • You have significant problems with English grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  • You don’t think that taking your freelancing career to the next level is worth the program fee.

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The Program Outline

Week 1: Serving Nonprofit Clients

  • The culture of the nonprofit community and how nonprofits are different from other business or publishing clients
  • How nonprofits are structured
  • Who you’ll likely be working with at the nonprofit
  • How nonprofits get income, and where your fee will come from
  • How much nonprofits are willing to pay for freelance services
  • What nonprofits expect from the freelancers they hire

During Week 1, you’ll participate in a live webinar featuring Kivi Leroux Miller where you meet the other course participants and learn about and discuss working with nonprofit clients.

Week 2: Producing What Nonprofits Need

  • It’s about much, much more than grantwriting (in fact, many freelancers who serve nonprofits don’t do any grantwriting at all)
  • The various types of online and offline communications that nonprofits need and that you can produce for them
  • The special skills that many nonprofits lack that you can provide (e.g., great storytelling)
  • Tips on writing nonprofit newsletters, annual reports, and fundraising appeals — in print and online
  • How to help nonprofits find their best stories and other compelling content

During Week 2, you’ll participate in a live webinar with Kivi Leroux Miller and Betsy Baker where you’ll get tips on how to produce some of the most important communications pieces for nonprofits.

Week 3: Finding Nonprofit Clients

  • Why networking and word-of-mouth marketing work best when attracting nonprofit clients
  • How giving away something for free leads to paid gigs (and when it doesn’t)
  • The types of associations and groups you should consider joining
  • Creative ways to promote your business — what works and what doesn’t
  • What belongs on every freelance writer’s website
  • Using social media to get more clients

During Week 3, you’ll participate in a live interactive conference call devoted to Q & A with three veteran freelance writers who serve nonprofits: Kerri Karvetski, Ruth Thaler-Carter, and Elizabeth Turnbull.

Wrapping Up: Creating Your Personal Strategy

  • Defining your niche
  • The next three things on your to-do list to build your freelancing business
  • Ensuring any remaining questions you have get answered

Also during  Week 3, you’ll participate in a one-on-one coaching call with Kivi Leroux Miller, where we’ll review your personal strategy for growing your freelance business.

Reviews from Past Participants

“A great course on how freelance writers can break into and succeed in the nonprofit sector!” ~ Lori Mattern, Sideways Communications

“Experienced writers or aspiring freelancers who love mission-driven work and want to learn from the experts on how they built their success and how you can build your own successful business will find this program very valuable. The small class size is great because it allowed Kivi and the other panelists to provide individualized feedback . The class is an excellent value, too.” ~ Melissa Josue, Letters from Melissa

“My freelance consulting business has been up and running for a few years now, but I really needed to hone in on my personal brand and services.  Kivi helped me decide how to marry what I do best with what the nonprofit community needs most.  Her insights were invaluable.” ~ Tobi Johnson, Tobi’s Nonprofit Management Blog

“Definitely worthwhile. Pinpointed special needs of non-profits, and was spot-on based on my last job as a non-profit manager.” ~ J.H., March 2010 Participant

“A great way to get yourself focused on what you want to do and how you can best do it.” ~ March 2010 Participant

How to Reserve Your Spot

Reserving your spot in the program is easy. Simply register and pay your course fee ($399 USD). When you register, we’ll send you an email with the next steps.

We are so confident in the quality of this program that we have no problem offering you a full money-back guarantee. If after attending the course, you decide it simply wasn’t worth the money, simply request a refund and we’ll process it right away.


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