Thank You, Deb Ng, for Freelance Writing Jobs

by Kivi Leroux Miller on May 2, 2007

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I really want to thank Deb Ng for posting my recent job listing on her blog and for managing Freelance Writing Jobs. More than half of the people who contacted me said they saw the posting on Deb’s site and others may have too without mentioning it. She does an AMAZING job and could make lots of money off the list as a paid service if she wanted. She is a real asset to the freelance writing community.

I’ve just donated $20 to her via her “Donate” button, and if you have used her site to find freelancers or to find work, you should consider a donation too. By helping me find some quality people with very specific skills, she saved me a bunch of time and that’s well worth my small donation.

P.S. Thanks for everyone who replied to my ad for freelance writers and editors. I’m working with three new people and trying to get in touch with a fourth. I’m still sorting through projects, so I may be contacting others soon.

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